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Woob ULTRASCOPE is the Sequel to last years Have Landed and continues the time traveling extravaganza right where it left off. As the night draws in on the environment featured on the original CD cover a performance is broadcast to all.

Where as ‘Have Landed’ was a densely populated album – each track its own island, Ultrascope embraces the freeform and the unexpected with only the title track (Ultrascope) showing any real signs of formality of form. The rest of the album flows a delicate timestream into oblivion – shifting from one era to another and revisiting the early Woob live mix recording techniques of 1194

A Live Event Post @Season9 on Friday the 13th of Sept. launched the album with a variety of artifacts and CD’s available for pre-order You can see it HERE

The album is currently available for Digital Download and Physical pre-order LINK